Structural Truss Systems Ltd.
443 – 12th Street
P.O. BOX 1690
Fort Macleod, Alberta  T0L 0Z0




Main Office:

Chief Executive Officer: 
Brent Feyter

Personnel & Recruitment Officer:
Kenzie Dupuis:

Marketing & PR:
Bronwyn Collins:

Production Manager:
Rob Slawson:

Production Coordinators:
Laura Lenzen:

Kris Llewellyn: 

Senior Design Manager:
Brian Slingerland:

Design Team:

Ben Maljaars:

Eric Vandenberg:

Madison Van Herk:

Ben Grisnich: 

John Den Boer: 

Allan Van Essen: 




General Design Mailbox:


Information Sheet

To assist our dealers in receiving all the information required for the proper engineering of the structural components and trusses, this information sheet is available to be completed and forwarded with the plans for each project for which a quote is required or for each order sent for production.